Seasonal Trees

Seasonal Trees

Seasonal Trees

Time goes so fast, and our seasons are changing all the time! 

We are super keen to teach our young ones about seasons and months, and different times of the year, so we created the oh-so-popular Weather Watch! This lovely wooden toy is educational, fun, and completely stylish.



weather watch colouring craftWe are so pleased that you love this toy, we wanted to give you something more with this printable download... an excellent extension to your kiddie's playtime. We know what their attention span can be like... 

Click here for the print sheet

Get crafty using coloured pencils, pens, paints or even collage paper to create a dramatic seasonal scene.

Cover your tree in stunning spring tissue paper blossom, or venture into the darkest days of winter with some snowy cotton wool! A little glue stick goes a long way when you are designing a seasonal masterpiece. Go crazy creating one, or print out four so that you can achieve a look for each season, and don't hold back on materials!  You can use practically anything to stick on to these branches. 

Here's another idea... 

We are loving the idea of using real life leaves to make our tree look more realistic.. Expand even further on your play time, and see if you can gather bits and bobs from the garden or park to stick to your tree sheet. The possibilities are endless! 

Share your fabulous creations with us! We love to see what you guys get up to in your art sessions <3 

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