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ThreadBear Design & Tender Leaf Toys

ThreadBear Design is the home of TenderLeaf Toys...

Great British Design with colours inspired by nature and original illustrations stimulate learning, curiosity, and loads of fun to children of all nationalities.  Design, play value, and safety are a priority in our product development, just as is our use of natural materials like sustainable wood and 100%cotton. 

We hope you enjoy our wooden toys and textiles as much as we did in creating all our beautiful gifts for our little ones..

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Tic Tac Toe

£12.50 GBP

Foxtail Villa
Foxtail Villa
Foxtail Villa
Foxtail Villa
Foxtail Villa
Foxtail Villa
Foxtail Villa
Foxtail Villa

Foxtail Villa

£175.00 GBP

The Foxtail Villa Dolls House – a grand town house full of stories!

The neighbours are going to be jealous! This town house is very impressive... A large, wooden dolls house full stylish furniture – it is sure to turn heads! But, as well as beautiful rooms to explore, this house has a very loyal friend – a fox lives in the garden and is very welcome, we have even named the house after him.Opening up to reveal a two story house, with plenty of room in the roof space to grow, this is a perfect little world to inhabit, invent stories in and just see what happens next!

Using top quality birch plywood to construct the house and furniture made from sustainable rubber wood which never chips, this is a toy that will really last. Supplied with the house is a set of modern furniture including a funky sofa, table and chair, cooker, sink unit, bed with covers, wardrobe, standard lamp, bathroom set and high level flush toilet, we think that who ever moves in here will be very pleased with selection.

We love the space in this house – each item has been perfectly designed to fit and there are great little touches such as the flowers in the window box. It is the perfect size for the Goodwood Family to live in – a set of characters made by the same designer who are ready to make this house a home and become friends with the fox!

Self assembly required.

Suitable for children age 3+

Presented in a lovely illustrated colour box

Product dimensions: 44 x 37.5 x 71 cms 


tender leaf wooden toys and gifts for children

Tender Leaf wooden toys

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