Create Your Own Pet Dog!

Create Your Own Pet Dog!

Create Your Own Pet Dog!

Are you IN LOVE with our pet sets? 

Now you can have even more fun by downloading this fabulous printable craft idea to go with your toy! If you are still searching around for fun things to do with kids who are stuck in doors on a rainy day, this is the craft for you. 

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Creating shapes out of Origami can be an amazing skill to learn as a child. Did you know that Origami can be beneficial to our mental health? Tasks that challenge little minds can strengthen the brain and help to develop new talents and abilities as they grow. And lets face it, they grow SO fast! 

We all know that kids have ups and downs, and whether they are schooling from home, thinking about going back to the classroom soon, or have been in class all the way through the pandemic, we know each little cub needs an outlet of fun and something creative to keep their mind healthy! 

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Make your own pet Origami dog with these simple steps. You can use any lovely paper you may have in the house! Scraps or old wrapping paper, fun and colourful newspaper, or even design your own printed paper with colouring pencils. 

Send us your fabulous creations, we would love to see them so we can gather inspiration for our next printable download!

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