Arts & Crafts

How do you keep a child happy and engaged for an hour or more? Offer activities that present just the right amount of challenge to be interesting but that also promise a finished product to be proud of. Find inspiration for your next long afternoon in our selection easy arts and crafts below.

Ghost art

A stick of charcoal, a stick of chalk and a few minutes are all you need for some smudgy spooky fun.

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Tissue-paper stained glass

Colour the light flooding into your home with DIY window art.

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Salt dough recipe

Playdough's longer-lived cousin is perfect for making decorations and other objects of art. Pop in the over, paint and seal with glue. It couldn't be easier.

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Play dough recipe

Is there a more iconic preschool activity than playing with playdough. Make your own version of this early years classic with our simple recipe

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Fimo finger puppets

Unleash your creativity and dive into the world of finger puppets with our ultimate guide. Discover materials, techniques, and imaginative play ideas to foster creativity and fine motor skills.

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Flying paper butterflies

Ever heard of a flapping paper aeroplane? Follow our simple guide and watch your symmetrical butterfly print take flight.

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