Printable Download - Tasty Toast Toppings

Printable Download - Tasty Toast Toppings

Printable Download - Tasty Toast Toppings

It's nearly time for toast!

Our breakfast toaster set from the new collection is a massive hit with kids and parents alike, who doesn't love toast? Complete with an adorable avocado and fried egg, this little fella has all the charm. Teaching our kiddies to love and respect food is one of our favourite things to do, so we have created this printable download to make sure you guys can get the most out of your play time!  

Click here for the print sheet


Now, this game is super fun and very creative, so get your imagination running wild to create your very own fantastic toast toppings. Are you happy with a cheeky peanut butter and jam treat? Or are you one of those 'empty your whole lunchbox into your sandwich' kinda kids? Whoever you are, have a go at this printable template and enjoy building your dream sandwich out of paper. 

Grab all the colouring in pencils and pens you can find, and get crafty with designs! You can even dig through old magazines and newspapers to see if you can find any food pictures... Ask an adult to help you cut out any fun food pictures you find and enjoy creating a collage masterpiece! 


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