Halloween and Autumn

As the nights draw in and the leaves turn red and orange, its time to get crafting and enjoying our forest themed toys! We have some beautiful autumnal arty printables and gifts to inspire you get down to the woods collecting nature's rich bounty.

Autumn arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts during this season offer numerous benefits, beyond just creating beautiful decorations. From fostering creativity and building family bonds to enhancing fine motor skills, here are the many advantages of embracing the colours of autumn through arts and crafts with your kids.

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Spooky Stuff

Crafty ideas and printables for Halloween

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Salt dough recipe

Playdough's longer-lived cousin is perfect for making decorations and other objects of art. Pop in the over, paint and seal with glue. It couldn't be easier.

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Bat Season

Using just one sheet of black paper, grab the bat template and make lots of bats for your halloween party!

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