Bat season!

Bat season!

Bat season!

These bats are constructed out of a single sheet of A4 black paper, and are easy to fold into shape. If younger children want to make them they might find it easier to stop after the second stage and draw the features onto the unfolded face. A great project for the week leading up to Halloween, a mobile could be made with these bats and you could add some dangling spiders.

1.Using the template provided, draw out the shape of the bat onto a folded piece of black paper. Cut out the shape carefully. Mark out the fold lines on the wings and on the face. Bat template

2. Look at the fold lines on the wings, and fold accordingly, if you make a wrong fold, don't worry, it can easily be folded the other way.

3. Fold the bat in half once more. Once the wings are folded, cut along the line marked, which separates the ears from the face.

4. Bend the ears back. Keeping the bat folded in half, Crease the two folds marked on the face, (bend away from you and towards you)

5. Open the bat out. The two folds which you have just made should allow you to bend the face into shape.

Attach a thin piece of elastic thread to the top of the bat, making sure to attach it to the point marked. Using a white pen / pencil or even a glow in the dark pen draw the features onto the face of the bat, is yours a friendly one or a naughty one?