My Forest Floor


Designed and made by Tender Leaf Toys

A plastic-free open ended play box of dreams!

Welcome to our brand new and very exciting tinker tray box, the leading toy for our open-ended play collection. With 49 completely individual forest floor pieces, this sorting box promises hours of fun and intellectual development for your child. This box can be used to sort, organise and stack your toys, and the 9 compartment walls can be removed and the box can be filled with sand to create your own aspirational building and creating scene.

The sliding lid is removable and can be turned around and used as a chalkboard on which to create your forest floor.

Set includes: six grey flat pebbles, four multi faceted rocks, three cone trees, eight twigs, a snail, a moth, six little toadstools, one large toadstool, ten leaves, two acorns, two beetles, four tunnel pieces, one bird's egg. 

Check out our Open-Ended Play edit for more ideas! 


Presented in an illustrated colour box.

Suitable for 3 Years +

Product dimension: 30.5 x 30.5 x 6 cm

Forest Treasures

Print out this page and go and collect your forest treasures!

What is open-ended play?

What makes sticks and stones such brilliant play materials? What’s so special about string and play dough?

It’s not what they are made of - it’s what you can do with them.

Sit down in front of a block of clay and the direction you take is only limited by your creativity.

Learn more.

Wooden figures

Take a wooden figure in your hand and you immediately have a story. What will he do? Who will he meet? The story can go anywhere. It’s the most open-ended kind of play there is.

To learn more about this kind of play, see our article on small world play.

Learn through play

Open-ended play is supposed to go wrong.

That’s where the learning happens.

Let your child make mistakes and don’t offer corrections. Working out the answer yourself is a powerful mechanism for extending thought.

Open-ended play is about teaching children to think for themselves - and it does so brilliantly.