Cooking with Children

Cooking with children is fun! But it's also educational - and we're not just talking the maths of measuring and counting. Under 5s enjoy exploring with their senses, learning the tastes and textures of the ingredients they use. They also delight in the process, watching as foods are mixed and incorporated, kneaded and transformed. And, more than anything, they like pretending to be you, making and serving meals, pouring drinks and even cleaning up. There's a lot to learn .

Easy granola recipe

Get mixing with real ingredients in your wooden play kitchen with this simple recipe.

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Pinecone cookies

Delicious, edible Christmas trees made from chocolate cereal.

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Chocolate crispy leaves

What's even more delicious than chocolate crispies? Seasonal chocolate crispies on a stick!

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Homemade vegetable crisps

Biscuit cutters at the ready! It's time to make some healthy, savoury snacks.

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Turkey palmiers

Celebrate Thanksgiving - or any other time of the year - with these easy-to-make puff pastry birds. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar for a tasty treat.

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