handmade mothers day card

Crafting a Mother's Day Card

Crafting a Mother's Day Card

paper squaresfolded paperpaper flowerspaper flowers foldedassembling paper flowersglue the assembled flowers into the folded cardadd some paper leaves

Mother' Day and Spring will forever be linked for us living here in the UK and the northern hemisphere ( sorry Australia ) and so there is an abundance of sweet flowery crafting tutorials out there on You Tube and Pinterest showing how to produce something floral, handmade and special for our wonderful mums! 

I decided to attempt this spectacular but apparently easy tutorial to make my dear mum a card...and after one binned card I did manage to make something that did nt look too bad!

Here is the tutorial link       Pop up flower card


Coloured paper, cut into 7 x 9 cms squares,

One plain Card

Glue stick


2 felt pens in any colours.

A coupe of tips:

1. Use coloured paper that is nt too thin, photocopy weight or thicker is fine, as the glue stick will tear anything thinner.

2. When assembling the 7 folded flowers, only use a small spot of glue or a small strip of double sided tape at the top edge of the petal, otherwise the flowers cannot open properly when the card is opened.

3. Make sure to add the felt tip markings BEFORE you glue the flower into a 3 D shape!

4. Don't give up! Its so much nicer to give something handmade....