Easy ribbon Christmas tree

Easy ribbon Christmas tree

Easy ribbon Christmas tree

Christmas is always a magical time, and there's no better way to add to the festive spirit than by crafting your own decorations. And what could be simpler than a ribbon Christmas tree decoration?

Homemade decorations bring a unique, personal touch to your holiday decorations and they are also a great way to use those scraps of ribbon you've got laying around.

What you'll need

This DIY project is straightforward. You probably already have everything you need at home.

  • Scraps of ribbon
  • A large twig, stick, or even a stick of cinnamon
  • A pretty button with two small holes
  • Strong thread

Crafting Your Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration

Follow these easy steps to create your unique decoration:

  1. Tie the Ribbons: Start by tying each scrap of ribbon onto the stick. Ensure the granny knots are all on the same side to create a neat appearance.
  2. Create a Bunched Effect: Slide the ribbons together on the stick. This will create a bunched effect, similar to the branches of a Christmas tree.
  3. Iron the Ribbons: Depending on the state of your ribbons, you may need to gently iron some of them if they're creased.
  4. Add the Button: Find a pretty button and thread strong thread through its two small holes. Wrap the thread around the top of the stick, making a knot to secure it.
  5. Attach a Loop: Finally, attach a loop of thread. This will allow you to hang your new Ribbon Christmas Tree decoration on your actual Christmas tree!

Hang your decoration

Now, it's time to hang your tree. It looks beautiful on a real tree but also works well on door handles and mantelpieces.

Christmas crafts are a brilliant way to spend those long afternoons in the run up to the big day. They enable children to develop key fine motor skills, have fun and keep screen time to a minimum.

And they become a meaningful holiday tradition you can enjoy year after year.