Printable craft activities

Free Printables

Welcome to our Printables page! We have designed over 100 fabulous craft activities that beautifully complement our best selling wooden toys. We believe in extending the playtime and creativity by providing engaging craft-based activities. With these activities, children can bring their favourite wooden toys to life in a whole new way. So, dive into our collection and let your child's imagination soar with our engaging and interactive crafts!


Our printables feature the same delightful design elements as our wooden toys, creating a seamless and immersive experience. We watch how the children play with our toys and then design a craft that will enhance the play, making sure to vary the craft activity every time.

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Easy to follow

Whether it's colouring pages, puzzles, or craft templates, these free printables inspire hands-on exploration and imaginative play. Our lovely designer Kate creates all of our craft sheets using easy simple to follow instructions, that encourages a parent or older sibling to help, thereby involving interaction and more learning through play!

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Play dough recipe

Who does nt love playdoh?

A lot of our toys have interesting shapes and relief patterns so use our playdoh recipe and get stamping! Our colour me happy snake has 12 shapes underneath each removable piece so a great way to start exploring negative and positive shapes.

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Keeping it simple

We have 65 beautiful animals in our collection! Grab a felt pen and one of our solid wooden animals to draw around. Simple!

Wooden animals