Tissue paper stained glass

Tissue paper stained glass

Tissue paper stained glass

Stand outside any primary school and look at the windows.

Chances are you'll see tissue paper stained glass.

The reason isn't hard to fathom.

This kind of art is beautiful

And it's also easy to do. The following instructions use clear self-adhesive paper but for a greater fine motor challenge, you can make do with PVA glue instead.

Materials You'll Need

  • Clear contact paper
  • Tissue paper in various colours
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Prepare the Contact Paper

Cut a piece of clear contact paper to your desired window size. Peel off the backing and tape it, sticky side facing out, onto a flat surface such as a table or a window. Make sure it's secure and doesn't wrinkle.

2. Cut Tissue Paper Shapes

Now it's time to get creative with colours and shapes! Help your preschooler cut or tear the tissue paper into small pieces or shapes. Encourage them to experiment with different colours and sizes. You can provide them with a variety of tissue paper colours or let them choose their own combinations.

tissue paper stained glass

3. Decorate the Contact Paper

Show your child how to carefully place the tissue paper pieces onto the sticky side of the contact paper. Let them explore different arrangements, layering colours or creating patterns. They can overlap the tissue paper pieces for added texture and visual interest. Encourage them to cover the entire sticky surface, leaving no empty spaces.

4. Seal the Stained Glass Window

Once your preschooler is satisfied with their design, cut another piece of clear contact paper to the same size as the first one. Peel off the backing and carefully place it on top of the tissue paper, sticky side down. Press firmly to seal the two sheets of contact paper together. Trim any excess contact paper if needed.

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5. Display and Enjoy!

Your tissue stained glass window is now complete! Peel the finished artwork from the table or window, and find a spot to display it. Blu-tac and glue dots are both excellent for fixing it to the window. Tape works too though it tends to get cooked to the glass over time and is harder to clean off. The colourful tissue paper will catch the light, coming to life as the sun shines through. 

For a bold, professional touch, frame your stained glass with black card or sugar paper.