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Top 10 chocolate free easter Gifts

Top 10 chocolate free easter Gifts

It seems like the minute we put our knives and forks down from our Christmas dinner, chocolate Easter eggs have been appearing in the shops. 

According to news reports, more than half of parents said their child had been tempted by an Easter treat displayed near checkouts and half of those surveyed said they had already bought and eaten at least one chocolate Easter egg or cake this year.

With a 256g Cadbury's chocolate egg containing around 1,375 calories (that's more than half the recommended daily calorie intake limit of 2000kcal for a woman, and 2,500kcal for a man) It is no wonder that one in four adults and one in five 10 to 11-year-old children in the UK classified as obese.

So here at ThreadBear Design we have come up with our alternative Top 10 Chocolate free Easter Gifts.

Well, the first one is not quite chocolate free…. But healthier none the less. 

Chocolate Birthday Cake 3+ £15.95

This delicious looking solid wood birthday cake painted in chocolate and pink colours, made from rubber wood. This cake is made of 6 pieces that are held in place by a natural wood plate. All the stripy candles are removable and there is a sweet little happy birthday plaque with a greeting in English and French.

Fred's Farm Apron: £9.95

A Fun Fred's farm printed  children's apron made from 100% cotton and a bio-degradable TPU coating to give a wipe clean surface. Features; adjustable cotton ties with a double D ring and a place to personalise inside front facing.


Blossom Flower Pot Set 3+ £17.95

5 wooden crosses and 5 wooden circles with a bunny drawstring bag to tidy away, turn the bag over to play Tic tac toe.

Running Rabbit Ride on 18 months £89.50

A gorgeous ride on toy for any little toddler. Very sturdy and very pretty!


A grand rabbit and guinea pig hutch complete with water bottle, and carrot and turnip.

Pull Along Ducks: 18M+ £28.95

A mother duck, 2 baby ducklings and 3 eggs, all interchangeable, with a detachable numbered carriage to wheel the along.

Tic Tac Toe 3+ £12.50

5 wooden crosses and 5 wooden circles with a bunny drawstring bag to tidy away, turn the bag over to play Tic tac toe.



Wooden Eggs 3+ £8.95

An authentic egg box that contains 6 gorgeous solid rubber wood eggs. 3 are natural wood, and 3 are painted in realistic egg colours. One of the eggs comes apart to reveal a felt egg, and another has a small feather painted on the side.

Garden Stacker 18M+ £14.95

3 garden stackers on a solid wood base, rabbit in a pot, snail on a cabbage, bird on a flower, have fun and mix them up.

Rocking Baby Birds 18M+ £16.95

A wooden rocking nest with 6 baby birds and 5 eggs to carefully balance. Made from solid rubber wood and coloured with water based paints for a soft pastel look.

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