Party Time!

Party Time!

Party Time!

Birthday parties are such a special event in a child’s life and who say’s birthdays have to be just once a year when you can have fun with some birthday party pretend play? And we all know toddlers love singing Happy Birthday on a regular basis! So we've rounded up some great ideas to help celebrate your child's pretend birthday party! Imaginary presents at the ready...

First off comes from our go to creative play blog, The Imagination Tree
Lots of ideas here from quickly wrapping up existing toys, using wooden play:

And over Little Bins for Little Hands they have a whole play box dedicated to this theme!

Here's what's in their party play box:

box (we use this 25x16x6 inch size the most)
pretend food
pretend coffee maker (a must here)
party goods, hats, noise makers, balloons, old birthday cards
card making supplies
books about birthday parties for inspiration
games or music makers for entertainment
dress up clothes, hats, or masks

For more details check out their blog here:…/

If your child wants to throw the party for someone why not suggest holding it for one of their favourite toys? Here at Inner Child Fun they are throwing the birthday bash for their Teddy! Genius idea!…/02/birthday-party-for-teddy.html

Right, we're off to blow up some imaginary balloons so have fun at your pretend party!