Paper Dolls printable!

Paper Dolls printable!

Paper Dolls printable!

We're giving away a free paper doll printout that matches perfectly with our new wooden dolls, Fearne and Lola!

Did you know paper dolls have been around since the 18th century? They started in Europe and became popular in the U.S. during the early 1900s. Kids loved cutting out dolls and their outfits from magazines and the activity is still super popular today. Paper dolls also help kids improve their cutting skills, boost creativity, and spark imaginative play.

Grab Your Free Paper Doll Printout

  1. Download and PrintClick here to get your free printout. Print it on sturdy paper.
  2. Cut Out: Let your child cut out the dolls and outfits.
  3. Play and Create: Mix and match outfits for endless fun!

Meet Our New Wooden Dolls, Fearne and Lola!

Our new wooden dolls are made from high-quality, sustainable wood and come with unique clothing. They're perfect for playtime and make great keepsakes too.

Each doll is 25 cms tall and hand crafted to live in our Mulberry Mansion. The dolls stand unaided, and arms and legs can rotate, allowing them flexibility. They have real wool hair, a painted face, underpants and beautiful muslin and knitted dresses that are secured at the back with velcro.

Download your free paper doll printout, and meet our new wooden dolls. Happy playing!