Homemade Christmas wrapping paper

Homemade Christmas wrapping paper

Homemade Christmas wrapping paper

As the holiday season approaches, one thing that often gets overlooked is the environmental impact of gift wrapping. Every year, countless rolls of plastic wrapping paper end up in landfills, contributing to the growing problem of plastic pollution. But there's a better way! Welcome to the world of sustainable gift wrapping.

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Alternatives to Plastic Wrapping Paper

When it comes to sustainable gift wrapping, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic wrapping paper. Here are a few options:

Using Fabric

One of the most popular options is to use fabric instead of paper. Not only is fabric reusable, but it also adds a unique touch to your gifts. From leftover fabric scraps to old scarves or even tea towels, there's no limit to what you can use.

Brown Paper and Newspaper

Another simple and affordable alternative is to use brown paper or newspaper. These options are not only recyclable but also give your gifts a rustic, vintage charm. You can even get creative and personalise your gift wrapping with hand-drawn designs or stamps.

You will need:

Brown paper, a few potatoes, metal biscuit cutters, craft knife, normal kitchen knife, paper towel, sponge cloth or roller, acrylic or fabric paint.

Optional items:

A creative mind, patience and a steady hand for carving.

If you are too young to handle a craft knife or a kitchen knife, ask someone older to cut the patterns into the potato for you.


  1. Cut a large potato in half. Press the cookie cutter into the center of the potato. Then, leaving the cookie cutter in the potato, slice a rather thick slice around the pattern of the cookie cutter. Remove the outer layer of potato and then the cookie cutter from the shape.
  2. Let your potato dry or use a paper towel to remove excess moisture from the potato. (A very wet potato may prevent the paint from attaching properly.)
  3. Apply paint to the pattern. This can be done with a paintbrush, small paint roller.  You can also spread a thin layer of paint on a glass cutting board or dinner plate and cover your potato pattern with paint by simply pressing onto the paint.
  4. Keep a scrap piece of paper on the side to test your print on and to remove excess paint if applied with a brush. Simply press your potato stamp down on the paper you want to decorate. A few prints and you will know exactly how hard to press to get the effect you desire.

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Furoshiki: The Art of Japanese Fabric Wrapping

If you're looking for a stylish and eco-friendly way to wrap your gifts, why not try Furoshiki? This traditional Japanese method involves wrapping gifts in beautifully designed cloth. It's not only sustainable but also transforms your gift wrapping into a work of art.

Using Natural Decorations

Instead of using plastic ribbons and bows, consider decorating your gifts with natural items. Pine cones, twigs, and dried orange slices can add a beautiful touch to your gifts and can be composted after use.

Final word

Sustainable gift wrapping is not just about being eco-friendly. It's also about adding a personal touch to your gifts and making the act of giving even more special. So this holiday season, why not give sustainable gift wrapping a try?