A Green Christmas: Easy and Fun DIY Decorations

A Green Christmas: Easy and Fun DIY Decorations

A Green Christmas: Easy and Fun DIY Decorations

Let's do our bit for our lovely, great big planet this year by cutting down on plastic usage and consumption. After all, our children's futures are far more important than the latest video game or shiny plastic toy, right? They may not fully appreciate this now, but one day they'll be thankful that their carbon footprint is small, and that they've been taught to look after our beautiful world for their own children.

Sustainable Christmas Decorations

Get Crafty this Festive Season with DIY Decorations

Have yourself a very merry, sustainable Christmas this year by following our blog in the days leading up to Christmas. We'll be sharing fun and easy homemade festive goodies for you to try. Get your little hands sticky with some super funky crafts and delicious edibles!

For more inspiration, check out my Festive Season board over on my Pinterest site: Pinterest - Festive Season

Homemade Christmas Decorations: From Nature to Your Home

So, have you grabbed your glue gun yet? They are indispensable for these crafts! I raided our back garden for sticks and twigs and found it was really easy to fashion a couple of stars with the glue gun. Rosemary bushes are usually abundant with fresh stems of glorious scented leaves and can be tied with lengths of coloured hemp and hung about the house.

Delicious Edible Decorations

Orange and apple slices are super easy to dry in the oven - slice in thin rounds and bake on a sheet of baking parchment at 150 degrees Celsius for about an hour. Not only do they make great decorations, but they also make the kitchen smell wonderful.

The Beauty of Pine Cones

Pine cones can be foraged off your nearest forest floor and touched on the edges with little dabs of white paint. Glue guns are addictive - you will be gluing lengths of ribbon to our woodland animals!

Online Resources for More Craft Ideas

There are loads of craft ideas online...here are 2 of my favourite links for making sustainable Christmas decorations:

  1. Twig Reindeer Ornaments
  2. How to Make Mini Christmas Tree Decorations