Where is Baby Activity Book


Where is Baby Activity Book by ThreadBear Design

Can you find the baby squirrel in the forest?

A soft fabric activity book for babies with crinkly sounding pages. Each page is the shape of an animal or leaf and is turned to reveal the next woodland animal. Great for sound, colour and shape recognition with babies. Complete with a tie that can be attached to a buggy.


Presented in an illustrated open display box.

Suitable from birth.

Product size: 16.5 x 1 x 15cm

Learn to see

Children learn to speak by learning to see. Each object on the page has a name. It can be pointed to and given a name. Differentiating between one thing and another (not so easy for a baby!) is called visual discrimination and it's an essential skill.

Pre-reading skills

Educators call it 'concepts of print'. It's the understanding that books convey meaning, that there is a right way to hold a book and that pages turn from left to right. Children must learn all this long before they encounter the alphabet. And cloth books are the perfect place to start.

A sensory treat

A picture tells a thousand words but a sensory experience is worth a million. What does 'furry' mean to a 6-month-old? But stroking an eskimo's hood...? Now you really understand.