Baby Baba Knitted Doll


Baby Baba Knitted Doll by ThreadBear Design

The Baba knitted doll is a soft toy for little ones. In soft pink and white, baby Baba has been knitted in the softest cotton yarn and will look gorgeous in the Nursery.

Presented in a beautiful illustrated colour box which makes this a lovely present for any occasion.


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Product size (with box): 12 x 7 x 27cm

Suitable from birth onwards 

A first toy for a newborn

Soft toys are a classic gift for newborns. Soft and huggable, with friendly face, they sit in the corner of the crib gazing back benignly. They are a source of comfort at lonelier times.

A magical resurrection

Your child is now a preschooler and it's time for the real fun to begin. Babies can't yet interact with their soft toys but three-year-olds can interact. That long-forgotten baby toy has made a comeback. He is now a partner in crime, a co-conspirator, your child's favourite side-kick and party guest. How are you today, Mr. Bear? Would you like to come to my picnic?

A source of comfort

A favourite soft toy often become your child's transitional object, something to carry everywhere and provide comfort in new surroundings. It's soft form and familiar smell offer reassurance that everything will be OK.

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