Fantail Hall


Fantail Hall by Tender Leaf Toys

A magnificent, deluxe 4 storey dolls house with a central gable and front elevation resulting in 2 small outdoor patio areas on either side of the front door. A seat, birdbath, Palm tree, pink bush, and potted plant are included to adorn these areas. The central panel opens  and in addition, both side panels open to allow access into each side of the house. Each floor is printed with a different pattern to denote the various room functions. For added grandeur, the front doorway leads on to a pretty Edwardian floor tile pattern.

Also equipped with room dividers and fancy stair cases, opening and closing doors and shutters, rear windows for extra light and roof hinges for access to the attic space. 

We have put together a short guide to learn how to maximise the play potential of your doll's house.

Self-assembly required. 

Furniture and dolls sold separately. Fill your big dolls house with our beautiful collection of dolls and furniture here!



Self-assembly required. Dolls and furniture sold separately.  

Presented in an illustrated colour box.

Suitable for 3 years +

Product dimensions: 68.7 x 43 x 74.5 cms 

Mini House Plants Printable

We have created these paper house plants for you to print out and add to your beautiful new dolls house!

The doll’s house is a special kind of small world play setting.

It’s where children go to rehearse for real life. They practise conversations, relive the day’s events and imagine possible futures.

Some dolls, some furniture and a place to meet and interact - that’s all you need.

Read more about how to choose the right doll’s house.

Sit in front of a doll's house and pick up two figures. I bet the first thing you did was make them face each other. It's a natural instinct.

Soon after you may have started to think about who they were, what they were doing and what they might say to each other.

Read more about language development.

Play gets more sociable as your child grows. From standing and watching, to playing alongside to eventually plotting and planning together.  

The doll’s house is one of the most enduring toys in your playroom because it grows with your child, offering just the right challenge at each stage of development.

Read more about the six stages of play.

Wooden Doll's House

Using top quality birch plywood to construct the house and furniture made from sustainable rubber wood which never chips, this is a toy that will really last.