Tender Leaf Farm


Designed and made by Tender Leaf Toys

Welcome to the farm! 

Made throughout from top quality wood, this farm has been designed to be open and accessible for little hands.

Product features: a barn with barn doors and a feeding trough, two stables with opening doors, a ladder leading to hay loft, a pulley system with a magnetic end to lift the hay bales, a cowshed with feeding compartments, four fences, a stile, three hay bales, two geese, two horses, a grain trough, an animal feeding trough, a beehive and six logs.


Presented in an illustrated colour box.

Suitable for 3 Years +

Product dimension: 51 x 38.5 x 22 cm

Tractor Trails

Print out this gorgeous sheet for more play on the farm!

What is small world play?

Small world play is about telling a story. But, unlike role play, you are not a participant. You are the conductor, the general on the battlefield, moving figures and deciding events.

Which story will you tell? And how will it end?

Learn more in our Guide to Small World Play.

Props for small world play

Who will be in your story? Wooden animal figures, peg people and matchbox dolls are just some of the characters you might pull from your toy box.

A readymade world

Small world play is completely open-ended. It can be anything you want it to be. Make the scenery from cardboard boxes, wooden blocks or natural materials.

But sometimes it's nice to start playing straight away, with characters and setting ready and waiting.

Perhaps a shepherd's hut, a canal boat or a castle.