Sandy's Beach Hut



Meet Sandy the Seagull and her family down on the beach where they have inhabited a small beach hut and turned it into a fish and chips stall! Set on 2 bases of plywood that resembles sand, they have foraged 2 seaweed plants, a deck chair, a kettle, a wooden tub of ice cream and a spoon, 3 fish in a dish, a bucket of chips, a fish and chips dinner sign, a sand castle, a piece of rock candy, and a boat made from a folded sheet of newspaper.

Check out Gully the daddy seagull, who has a knitted beanie hat, and a removable rubber ring.

The names of the seagulls are written on their bases, so that these little characters can become part of a story telling adventure.

Perfect for creative storytelling and imaginative play

Suitable for children age 3 years +

Product Dimensions: 27x 25.5 x 17cms