La Fiamma Grand Kitchen


Designed and made by Tender Leaf Toys

Cook up a storm in our magnificent La Fiamma Kitchen!

A two-part super grand kitchen with all the accessories you need to hold a wonderful dinner party and entertain your friends for hours. This kitchen offers an oven with opening front door, a set of 4 cooker hobs and a removable unit with drawers and storage space. 

It's no secret that pretend play is an essential part of a child's development as children learn by imagining, observing and doing, and this kitchen offers an abundance of opportunity to practice language skills, manual dexterity, and cognitive development with children.


Set includes;

Oven and grill with 4 clacking buttons

Detachable unit with drawers and shelves

Double door storage unit under the sink.

A pizza oven with 5 wooden logs

Pizza plate

2 pizza bases, 2 felt toppings, Velcro toppings

Parmesan cheese with grater

3 segmented lemons in a bowl

frying pan

2 wooden utensils in a pot

3 carrots in a planter

A traditional Italian coffee pot 

2 Cups

2 decorated plates

3 magnetic knives

Salt and pepper shakers

Pot holder

Made from sustainable rubber wood and top quality plywood painted in non toxic contemporary colours.

Suitable for 3 years +

Product size: 100 x 32.5 x 101 cms 

Why are children so fascinated with the home corner?

They are rehearsing for real life. They are trying to make sense of their world.

Your child sees you in the kitchen, preparing food, washing up and hosting celebrations. 

You, the significant adult, must be doing something important, so your child instinctively copies.

Re-enact the day's events

It can take time to process what happened in a day. Sometimes we revisit events in our minds to make sense of them.

Children have the same impulse but they prefer to act things out. The birthday party, the unexpected guest, the spilt coffee - these are all events worth of exploration.

Not just a play kitchen

A kitchen can be many things. A shop, a cafe or the control room of a space ship. 

As your child grows, so too does her capacity for pretend play. The home corner becomes a space dedicated to the imagination. Games that were once centred on the everyday now encompass fantasy worlds and possible futures.