The Perfect Playspace

The Perfect Playspace

The Perfect Playspace

What makes the perfect play space?

The best play space is one in which your child is calm and engaged. It’s fun but distraction free. Learning happens through play.

That sounds wonderful but what does it mean in practice? What’s the right furniture? Which toys should you include?

These things matter but your child’s attitude is key. And the way to get that right is to present the materials in the right way.

Here’s the secret:

• Rotate toys

• Make them accessible

• Offer open-ended materials

• Allow enough time

• Celebrate your child’s work

• Tidy up together

You are giving your child the skills she needs to succeed at school and in life. She is learning how to motivate herself, how to stay on task and how to get the most out of every activity she encounters.

Sounds simple, right?

And it is. But there are a few tricks to make it run smoothly.

It's all about doing more with less. Less mess, less stuff. But more engagement.

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