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Our top 10 Easter loves!

Our top 10 Easter loves!

We love our kids-our little chicks, they are the future of our world! Every child has the right to make memories and have fun, but sadly lots of chicks have a steeper hill to climb and can miss out on some of the childhood experiences that are so important for their growth! I came across this amazing charity called ‘CHICKS’ which strives towards making memories and giving hope to little ones from all sorts of backgrounds who may be missing out. This moved me so much that I thought I would share with you guys, check it out on and see how you can help as a little support can go a long way
This Easter we are hoping for sunshine! But here in the UK there is always a little rain cloud on the horizon to surprise us on the day. If you do need to batten down the hatches and prepare for a rainy day, we have some perfect Easter goodies which provide hours of fun for little hands! …
Counting carrots
We love this counting game designed for little hands! Super fun and easy to play, this educational and brightly coloured toy is great for those little cubs learning to count. Did you know that orange is the colour of happiness?
Rocking baby birds
This educational balancing game is designed for creative and imaginative toddlers and children. Evocative of spring, these little chicks and eggs provide hours of fun while being a beautiful accessory for the nursery.
Garden Stacker
Did you know that stacking and balancing toys are proven to support the development of children as they play? This stacker has in built magnets and is made from gorgeous smooth rubber wood
Pet Rabbit set
How cute is this! Retailing at just £9.95 this is a perfect gift for those garden loving kiddies. I recently spoke with someone who said they struggled to keep on top of the school friend birthday parties because buying a gift for every child can be an expensive affair! She loved this little rabbit set so much she bought 5 so she had something up her sleeve for the upcoming birthdays. We also have a fabulous cat set, a puppy set, and in April we are bringing in a new chicken coop set. Cluck cluck!
Toaster and egg set
Who doesn’t love a boiled egg and a little toast at Easter? This functional popping toaster is one of our favourites and we love the bright colour pops.
Pull along ducks
We are really enjoying all the beautiful colours that spring brings. All those duck egg blues and pale yellows – divine! Pick up this super gender neutral pastel pull-along for your tots. Oh, and did I mention this is also educational! Counting for beginners just became fun with this quacking learn as you play duck trio.
Tic Tac Toe
A true winner when you have a friend over to play! Get your pals involved with this fun set, which comes with pretty bunny bag – cute!
Woodland hare
Pocket money alert! This hopping woodland hare is part of our single animal set, loved by all and so easy to buy with all retailing under £5. Our country loving woodland animal set is available right now, and we have some very exciting new guys coming soon in April… check out who they are on pages 51-55 of our catalogue
Wooden eggs
Roll up roll up! Get your fresh market eggs! This egg set is in our top 10 because it is just SO charming. With a super neutral colour palette this feels Scandi, cool and simply beautiful. This is actually a small part of our incredible market stall range, which has different components and add on packs. We also have loads of lovely newness in are market range due at the beginning of April – yay! Heres a new catalogue link, (check out pages 20-24).
Running Rabbit Ride On
Last but not least! The running rabbit ride on is fab, did you notice we absolutely love rabbits and bunnies? Easter is our favourite time of year so we are super excited about this one. Get your skates on around the house and garden with this cute and cool set of wheels. Need to dash to the next room as a matter of urgency? Look no further…
Mar 15, 2020


Mar 15, 2020



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