About ThreadBear


ThreadBear was born from a passion inspired by great British design.
In 2017 Danielle Hanson and Nick Shirley who both share a passion and years of experience in creating quality children's gifts, decided to put their heads together and follow their hearts.
Our beautiful textile range has been created based on a unique illustrative style to stimulate imaginative and creative play which we see as essential for the curious, inquiring minds of our children and their families.
Tender Leaf Toys is a wonderful new brand of wooden toys and gifts designed by Danielle in partnership with Mentari International who are the leading suppliers of wooden toys for the global market.                                           
We care hugely about our childrens’ future and the future of our planet.
All of our products are ethically made and use sustainable resources wherever possible. 
Our manufacturing partners comply to all the Industry regulations and each and every product is rigorously tested to the highest standards, making them safe for children.
Our aim is to remain small and focused and to support the independent market by offering the best range of wooden and textile gifts, whilst looking after our planet.
We hope you enjoy our wonderful collections.
Nick, Danielle and Fred the Bear.
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