Waldorf familes

Waldorf familes

Waldorf familes

We are ecstatic that our Stacking Garden Friends toy has been listed by the super cool @romper site under he "Balance Toy" category as one of the 16 toys all Waldorf mums have in their homes....

the article over on the really informative Romper site 


goes on to say...

"wooden toys are a favourite among Waldorf Families, as are toys that teach through play....as your child experiments to see how many animals can fit on the tree they will learn about balance and problem solving"

Alot of home schoolers in this country have been snapping up this lovely set of solid wood animals and garden themed shapes to use in their flat lays and teaching set ups as they are so versatile......and so cute!


We really love what @edspire and @twinkletotseyfs are doing over on instagram stacking garden friends, wooden toys,heuristic mums, montessori, waldorf

with our products as well as customers like @Tinker Tray Play...check out her fab open ended heuristic educational resources for Early years....