Plastic Free wrapping paper

Plastic Free wrapping paper

Plastic Free wrapping paper

A good old fashioned spud stamp works absolute wonders for making your own wrapping paper. No child wants to neatly peel back the tape on that shiny foiled wrapping paper so that it can be used again next year. 

Here’s a how to guide on how to make a potato stamp and some fun shape ideas, may your little ones express their beautiful creativity! Father Christmas himself could be so impressed by this idea that he decides he wants to use some of this wrapping paper himself, and if it’s really something to write home about, he might even leave a congratulatory note for your little creative genius. 

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I had my two favourite little girls over so we could have some fun and make a mess, which is why I kept it simple with an easy star shape and circle.


Brown paper, a few potatoes, metal cookie cutters, craft knife, normal kitchen knife, paper towel, sponge cloth or roller, acrylic or fabric paint.


A creative mind, patience and a steady hand for carving.

If you are too young to handle a craft knife or a kitchen knife, ask someone older to cut the patterns into the potato for you.

  1. Cut a large potato in half. Press the cookie cutter into the center of the potato. Then, leaving the cookie cutter in the potato, slice a rather thick slice around the pattern of the cookie cutter. Remove the outer layer of potato and then the cookie cutter from the shape.
  2. Let your potato dry or use a paper towel to remove excess moisture from the potato. (A very wet potato may prevent the paint from attaching properly.)
  3. Apply paint to the pattern. This can be done with a paintbrush, small paint roller.  You can also spread a thin layer of paint on a glass cutting board or dinner plate and cover your potato pattern with paint by simply pressing onto the paint.
  4. Keep a scrap piece of paper on the side to test your print on and to remove excess paint if applied with a brush. Simply press your potato stamp down on the paper you want to decorate. A few prints and you will know exactly how hard to press to get the effect you desire.

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Once again there are some wonderful ideas online...I was very impressed at the Sweet potato prints over on this lovely crafty site for Childrens' crafts...

and there is a cool You Tube METKIDS video to watch...

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