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Beautiful new website for Tender Leaf Toys

Beautiful new website for Tender Leaf Toys

We have created a gorgeous new website for our lovely UK customers wishing to browse our award winning Tender Leaf wooden toys...  Tender Leaf Toys

We have created some really useful gift guides and collections to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for, and we have updated a lot of more photos, descriptions and movies, so please do bookmark our new British Tender Leaf site!

We have also been working hard to create some fabulous complimentary activity sheets for our best selling products that can be downloaded for your little ones to add extra play value to their toy!

These activity sheets are awesome as they have been created by our design team and utilise our own original illustrations and designs, so please print out a couple of the sheets to see how fab they are!

free download printable activity children

We will continue showcasing our ThreadBear textile products here on this website but will slowly move all our wooden toys to

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