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Award winning textiles!

Award winning textiles!


We are super thrilled to have been awarded a GOLD award by the reviewers over at the fab Bizzie Baby's website....the words of the first reviewer are so fabulous we just wanted to share them with you as they describe perfectly why we are so proud of our textile range....

"I was immediately in love with this product. My first impressions were that this was a high quality, environmentally friendly and attractive tabard.  It is so easy to put on my son for messy activities. The pull on design made it quick and easy to protect his clothing. He also is able to distinguish between activities where things may get a little messy and others because of the significance of putting the tabard on.  We both loved the design. The colours were the right amount of bright and child friendly without being gaudy. My son loved then purple and was more than happy to wear it. This fitted really well. I was initially concerned that the aides may lead to spillage but this was not the case and it provided the right amount of coverage without being too cumbersome.  My son thought the colours were beautiful and I was so pleased to see a unicorn that was of a more classic portrayal than the standard unicorns you seem to see everywhere at the moment.  As previously stated I was concerned about the side wings being too gapey and that this would lead to mess escaping. This didn’t happen and provided a good even fit for him.  We had zero leakage of anything that we used and the tabard provided excellent protection for a very messy toddler!  We used the tabard seven times for various creative activities and daily for evening meal times.  Mainly use this for eating, painting, water play, play-dough, sticking with glue on birthday cards and glitter decoration.  I simply used a sponge to wipe away most mess but did also spray with my multipurpose cleaner for some meal time mess. It is very important to us this is biodegradable and Earth Friendly.  We try very hard to make decisions about our purchases based upon how sustainable they are. This would likely be a one off purchase but it still matters that it is kind to the planet. We have a duty to look after it and to demonstrate this to our children when choosing products for them.  I thought this was a very high quality product. The feel of the tabard is high end – no tacky shiny plastic here!  I think it offers excellent value for money. My alternative choice would have been a catch Kidston design apron which retails for around £10.  I liked the feel of the tabard most as it was sturdy yet not plasticky. I would buy this.  This would be my first choice for a protective tabard for my toddler. It is environmentally friendly, fits well, looks good and provides perfect protection for the messiest of activities.  I would recommend as this is easy to wear design makes protecting against mess simple.  There is nothing that lets this tabard down. It is protective, looks good, environmentally friendly and a hit with my child.  I was immediately taken with this tabard as the packaging was non fuss and gave me the impression that this was a high quality product which had been made with consideration for the planet. I was initially hesitant on two areas. One, whether my son would like the design and two, if the sides would provide enough protection for him. I shouldn’t have worried on either account. He loved the colours and thought it was beautiful. He said he thought the unicorn was very friendly and with each activity we threw at it I became more confident in its protection. I love the fact that it is environmentally friendly but this does not compromise its quality. It is easy to keep clean and super simple to put on. No tears or tantrums as a quick pull over the head does the job. I really do love the classic unicorn design which is so much more appealing to me than the cartoonish unicorns seen so frequently. Well done on a great product! '

Deborah  – Albert 3 Years